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A gift of land or conservation easement to the land trust is a gift of security, beauty and wonder to be appreciated by future generations ... 4EVER

Such gifts by landowners are the ultimate in generosity. Land trusts protect those gifts, that legacy, for all time. The Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust has tools in taxes and law to provide landowners with confidence their land will be protected as per their wishes, and potentially ease the financial costs of doing so.

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But there are other ways to build your legacy through the land trust...

TIWLT is largely a volunteer, non-profit charity. Legacies in land need contributions in time, talent, wealth and wisdom. ‘4EVER’ conservation needs many forms of expertise – biology, communications, education, finances, legal, fundraising, volunteer management – day-to-day, project to project. Conservation of land, even donated land, has costs including appraisals, legal work, ecological assessment, and possibly surveys. New government standards and practices make it mandatory that an endowment fund equal to 10% of the value of the land conserved, be available at the time the property enters the trust. This ensures against future contingencies and helps monitor and manage habitat and invasive species.

Forever is a long time and we need support in many ways. Please – join us to meet the challenges today, for a better tomorrow.

Explore your legacy!


“4EVER” is our promise to protect lands entrusted to us … Forever!

Land is saved…

Wetlands, forests and healthy farmland deserve our protection

Learning is shared…

Understanding the natural world and how to take best care of it

Life is protected…

Plant and animal habitat and migration routes need to be conserved

Legacies can be preserved…

Security, beauty and wonder to be appreciated by future generations