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TIWLT May Plant Sale

By May 15, 2023No Comments

ATHENS, Ontario – The Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust (TIWLT) will be hosting a plant sale on May 27th from 9AM-3PM to raise money to support TIWLT’s conservation & education programs. 

The Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust is situated at what is likely the most important migratory crossroads in all of North America. We need to protect land, life and legacies, and help people learn how they can help.

This event will both educate and prepare community members on how they can protect the land using climate ready plants in their own gardens.

TIWLT is your one stop shop for climate ready trees and plants.  There will be more than 10 different types of climate ready trees to purchase as well as there will be over 30 different variations of tomatoes ranging in size and colour and 11 different wildflowers that are native to the Watershed Region. 

We are excited to welcome the community to the Glen Elbe Farm as it is unlike any other TIWLT Property. The Glen Elbe House is located on the same property as TIWLT’s tree arboretum, which makes it a fantastic place for people to come get inspired to plant their own trees that are climate ready to the Thousand Islands region. 

Many of the trees that are in the arboretum and that will be for sale are Carolinian species and they typically grow in South-Western Ontario. However, the way the climate has changed over the last 50 or so years, the Thousand Islands region is now in the same hardiness zone as where they are native to, so they are now able to thrive here. 
The plant sale is being held at the Glen Elbe Farm (870 County Road 42, Athens) on May 27th from 9AM-3PM.