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Your Present – Nature’s Future

By April 13, 2021April 21st, 2021No Comments

Here we are in the midst of a pandemic that has not just locked us down, but locked us in. The fabulous Great Outdoors has become the escape route. Hundreds of thousands of people have discovered experiences in nature are more than adventure – they bring peace of mind. Nature is a gateway to our well-being.

Bostwick Island
Photo: Marnie Ross

It’s the mission of the Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust to keep nature – wildlife and its most critical habitat – whole and healthy, forever.  And so, the 4ever Protection Fund.

The 4ever Fund guarantees nature’s protection, forever. It’s TIWLT’s financial backstop – 10% of the value of the land trust’s properties – to ensure against man-made or natural threats. All land trusts in Canada must now create such a fund, as part of our Standards and Practices. It’s a dedicated, invested fund that will keep pace with inflation, ensuring that future generations in this land trust will have the capacity to keep the land you love conserved, forever.

Photo: Marnie Ross

This type of fund is a new obligation to land trusts, but it makes very good sense. TIWLT already had a small contingency fund to build from, and has us nearly a quarter of the way to a goal of $300,000.  We’re asking you to help grow the 4ever Protection Fund. It is restricted to the long-term protection, not accessible to TIWLT’s on-going work. On our Donations Page you’ll find a suite of possibilities for donations. Consider making this your legacy. You are securing a future for the most significant wildlife habitats in eastern North America. Your donation to the 4ever Protection Fund is pooled with all others, for maximum effectiveness. But, we can recognize your gift towards your favourite place in a number of ways.

See a portfolio of TIWLT’s 4ever protected properties by clicking here.